Mileage Correction

Mileage Correction London/Essex.

Mileage Correction-   is a service offered to correct the mileage data display on all digital odometer clusters and dashboards when a fault has occurred which would normally result in very expensive main dealer recoding or even complete dash/cluster replacements which can cost a fortune.


At Dial-a-Dash we can save these costs by correcting the vehicles data to show the correct mileage of the vehicle. Any motor with digital mileage can be corrected, be it counting in mileage, kilometres, hours or minutes we can correct it. Any odometer could need digital mileage correction due to many factors.


We can correct the mileage on cars, vans, motorbikes, quad bikes, jet ski anything and much more.


 Please Call on: 07703593860


Dial-a-Dash mileage correction & adjustment services comply fully with all laws regarding odometer correction and although it is not an offence in the UK to change the odometer on your personal vehicle or to correct a false/corrupt reading, it is an offence to sell a vehicle showing a lower or higher reading than true unless the buyer is informed of the true reading.


Remember – The responsibility is totally on the owner of the vehicle.


Problems connected with metering arise especially when it come to intermittent supply, which prevails in many developing countries. Sudden changes in tension can ruin meters to the degree that numerous meters in cities in establishing countries are not functional. Likewise, some types of meters end up being less exact as they age, and under-registering intake results in lower profits if substandard meters are not regularly replaced. Several sorts of meters also register air circulations, which could lead to over-registration of consumption, particularly in systems with intermittent supply, when water system is re-established and the incoming water pushes air with the meters.

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