Car Tuning

Dial-a-Dash specialise in ECU remapping of your vehicles management system also know as chip tuning or Car Tuning, to optimise the performance of your vehicle. We are a family run business offering you a friendly and professional service with years of experience in engine tuning, diagnostics and mechanics. Dial-a-Dash can offer a wide range of services and products to tune your vehicle for performance and diesel economy with excellent results. Our company is based in East London, we provide ecu remapping in London, Greater London and the South East England, and we have a fully mobile ecu remapping service that covers the whole of England and Wales.

Performance Car Tuning

All our performance engine tuning software is custom written for each specific vehicle achieving incredible results. Our performance remaps can improve your vehicles power and torque by upto 40%, which will give your vehicle better acceleration, sharper throttle response there for offering you a smoother and more exciting drive and improving safety when overtaking.

Diesel Economy Tuning

On diesel vehicles we can improve your fuel economy by up to 20% saving you money on rising fuel prices. We do this by ecu remapping your vehicle and changing the parameters in the software with a customised remap specifically for your vehicle this will give you more power and torque for a smoother delivery of power, meaning your engine uses less resolutions which in turn give your vehicle much better fuel economy. The amount of fuel that can be saved is down to driver habits.

Why don’t manufacturers do it?

Manufacturers place restrictions on your engines performance to cater for those who operate poor service schedules or who use low quality fuels. With engines becoming ever increasingly modular to keep manufacturing costs down, it is common place for manufacturers to simply re-map engines to provide the varying outputs which in turn they sell at inflated prices. This alone shows you the tolerances available in a modern engine. With reliability as important to us as it is to you, we offer a safe and reliable solution to tuning your engine.

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besides car tuning we are also specialists in Mileage correction London and other instrument cluster repairs
Our mobile unit services London, Greater London and the South East England.

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